As one of the last remaining locally elected officials in the Justice System, it is my duty to secure the rights of property owners and tenants. I look forward to continuing to work with you to protect our neighborhoods.
Since 2008, Carolyn has served as the Constable in the Arcadia Biltmore Justice Precinct. She is out in the community serving orders, including both civil and criminal processes, for the Justice of the Peace. Many of these duties, due to their nature, (i.e. carrying out eviction notices) require skill, compassion and sensitivity to carry out the law in a humane and impartial manner.

Carolyn serves on the Board of Directors for the Arizona Constables Association. She is also a Board Member of Silent Witness, an important organization for our public safety.
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Having lived in the precinct for 53 years, she graduated from Madison Rose Lane Elementary School, Central High School and Arizona State University. A former professional tennis player, Carolyn still enjoys playing at a competitive level.

"I look forward to re-election and another four years of service for the community I love."
Senators and Representatives
State Senator David Lujan
State Representative Chad Campbell
State Representative Katie Hobbs
State Representative Lela Alston
Arizona Multihousing Association
Constable Phil Hazlett – President of the National Constables and Marshalls Association
Constable Ron Myers – Lake Pleasant
Constable Lennie McCloskey – Manistee
Constable Miles Keegan – Hassayampa
Constable Bill Taylor – East Mesa
Constable Ed Malles – North Mesa
Constable Phil Freestone – Santan
Constable Fred Arnett – West Mesa
Constable Kevin Jones – San Marcos
Constable Doug Middleton – Dreamy Draw
Constable Dan Ryan – McDowell Mountain
Constable Cory Hazlett – Desert Ridge
Constable Maria Russell – Encanto
Constable Frank Canez – Maryvale
Constable Mark Sinclair – Estrella Mountain
Constable Alfredo Gamez – Agua Fria
Constable Doug Clark – Downtown
Constable Rudy SantaCruz – West McDowell
Constable Jimmie Munoz – South Mountain